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Brett will always be Still So Hot! Great read from Serena Bell

Still So Hot! - Serena Bell

"This was what she had wanted. Not just all morning, not just since she had first seen him on the plane yesterday, but forever."

Ok, I’m not a huge fan or Harlequin’s Blaze series, mainly because the ones I’ve read so far are mostly mediocre. Then again, I’m a huge fan of Serena Bell. You know which one tipped the scales on me reading Still So Hot!

So yeah, my arm wasn’t exactly twisted, and Serena graciously sent me an advanced copy of the book, for which I’m now sending back smooches. And this review!

The blurb of this book only hints to the plot, and I love that. Leaves me plenty to blabber about Elisa and Brett.

I didn’t much like Brett in the first few scenes he appeared in. I couldn’t get a good read on him, which way he’s leaning to and such. And then we got a nice little Brett POV. And I was hooked. That man… unf. He literally puts a name (and face? cast him!!) to the cliché that is a man-whore having trouble settling down because of his reputation.

Being Elisa’s college bestie (of a sort) he paraded a long list of women in front of her, until the day he went out with her sister. Oh damn!! you say? Yup. Exactly. Few days after that was when she couldn’t handle being around him anymore. Oh, little bit of info (that’s not much of a spoiler) is that right before he went out with her sister, he kissed Elisa. When I read that part all that played in my head was the few seconds from Easy A where Emma Stone walks away from her best friend saying “Ooooh buuurrrnnnnn.“

A few years later Elisa is a dating coach on her way to establishing her business while coaching a young and influenced celebrity, and that’s when her path with Brett crosses again. The happenings after that are for you to find out while reading Still So Hot! 

The infamous Brett is really a good guy, somewhat misunderstood, very sweet and VERY hot! I think his character doesn’t develop much, and honestly, there’s no need for it to. I loved the lightness he brought to the story and Elisa’s sometimes tense state. He could read her and her needs very well, yet knew when to push in order to get his point across, get what he wants. Oh, and he’s a pouncer. I loved that about him. Absolutely no hesitation. LOL

Elisa, as mentioned, is tense. Yes, she’s young and content with her life, she’s got a successful business about to take off, she has her family, friends, she’s dating, although nothing much develops from those. Mostly, anything anyone would ever want. Naturally, comparing every man to Brett isn’t helping, but enough time has passed that she’s not consciously hung up on him.

And that’s what the story is about; the change in Elisa. Her character arc is pretty obvious. She is transformed from a bitter (mostly on the inside) and cold ex-best-friend to a helplessly in love woman. Her true test in this change is actually at the end, when she chooses her path.

The storyline progress and development is assisted with two pretty awesome minor characters: Celine and Steve. I love how through others’ troubles or should I say… compromising and questionable situations the MCs learn how to act in their own lives. Serena Bell managed to do that nicely here.

So yes, while Blaze novels aren’t my favorite thing, Still So Hot! is a fun, well written, extremely sexy and leaves you with a smile on your face. Brett is going to be a fantastic post-NYE cuddler. I guarantee.

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