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Bitter Sweet Love - Jennifer L. Armentrout

With Covenant done and Lux close to being done, we can all agree JLA needed to give us a new fantasy series, yes? YES!

And JLA being JLA, we’re getting something fresh and exciting!! Gargoyles. *twirls*

I don’t know why I was nervous about reading this. I guess thinking about cement monsters didn’t really excite my imagination all that much. Then again, shame on me. I know JLA can’t disappoint with her amazing creativity.

Being a female gargoyle, Jasmine is especially protected by the males in her coven. Having her heart broken by Dez 3 years ago, she is shocked to learn her best friend and the (now) man she has always loved came back, with no explanation to his disappearance and is claiming her as his mate. Since he took off right after her father announced his approval of their coupling, she cannot trust his feelings for her. Naturally.

Dez now has 7 days to prove himself to Jasmine. Since it’s her way or the highway, he agrees to help her complete a few wishes before she is mated and will most likely never get to have them come true. The problem, you ask? Some of those wishes are putting Jas in danger.

I liked Jasmine’s spunk, her love of life and freedom, and her appreciation for the little things. I adored Dez’s swoon factor, how he tries for Jas. I felt we got to know Jasmine more than we did Dez, most likely because the story is in her POV. This was a very quick read and a great short introduction to a new series. I feel like we got the basics covered so now we can dive right into White Hot Kiss. How is it not in my kindle yet? HOW?

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