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The Fiery Heart - Richelle Mead

Right off the bat, having read Bloodlines (duh!) I knew this is going to be a 5-star book. Now, I need to regale you with why.

All I wanted to do while reading this book was run amok around the house yelling AADRIAAAAANNNN! Nuts, right? That’s what you think. I absolutely love that boy/man/hottie/perfection of a vampire. GAH!

Bloodlines ended relatively calmly, where the only big shock was Sydney’s sister, Zoe, arriving in campus as backup/assistant combo for the alchemists. This of course makes it harder on Sydney and Adrian to keep their relationship a secret, and even worse, they barely have time to see each other. Adding to that, Adrian’s connection with Jill, the queen’s sister, leaves them with very little privacy when they are together.

Throwing in a divorce and a custody battle over Zoe that forces Sydney to pick a side, and things are beyond hectic in Sydney’s life. And let’s not forget her working on her magic studies with her professor, joining a coven and figuring out a concoction for the indigo ink. My head is spinning just thinking about it all.

Adrian, on his part is totally in love, puts time into his art studies and being his gorgeous-swoony self. Oh, and dealing with the effects of using Spirit. Spirit makes him feel high, it’s addicting, and will eventually drive him mad. That’s something Sydney is trying to help him with, since his method drives him to alcoholism.

Naturally things don’t go as planned and they both end up putting out fires more than just living their lives. Sydney being torn about her allegiance to the alchemists and living with the knowledge that not all is kosher with them, between trying to help Adrian and contemplating taking things further with him, and basically – balancing all the aspects of her life. Easier said than done.

I’ll stop blabbing about the plot itself or this post will be somewhere around 289343734620938457498368 words and just say this:

Things are exploding in this book. Big time. Taking into account the two MCs, all the not less important sideline characters and everything challenging and scary being thrown in their direction, Sydney and Adrian are dealing with a lot. A lot of which (lot) may or may not be life threatening and may or may not leaves the reader close to tears and nearly bald.

I recommend reading The Fiery Heart in book form as opposed to an e-reader. Safer for the e-reader. LOL

Nevertheless, this book is made of awesome. It brings out every feeling you can think of and some you don’t, it’s extremely well written, has a TON of swoon inducing moments that will make you all gooey inside, and it definitely packs a meaningful punch. I loved it and need the next (and last) book in the series somewhere around… now, please.

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