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Dominic is Everything!!!

Before We Fall - Courtney Cole

I loooooove Courtney Cole’s words. And I looooove Dominic Kinkaide. Want to know how I knew that even before I started reading BWF? Dominic has his own prequel novella (Until We Burn) that was released early November as a serial story on Wattpad. Or available in kindle format on Amazon. Go read it and come back, because there’s a big chance this review will contain spoilers.

* Any quotes in this review were taken from the advance copy and are subject to change prior to publishing of the book.

So we know Dominic is a famous movie star, gorgeous, dark and distant, and we know he… likes… to… watch!

Before We Fall opens a few days after Until We Burn ends, at Sin’s party in Chicago. We get another glimpse at Dominic’s sexual preferences and his dark side, but we also get a very big glimpse into what he truly is inside at that party, where he saves a girl, and meets her best friend, Jacey, who will in time – change his world.

But first, Dominic Kinkaide. We are talking the ultimate sexually deviant bad boy. This guy is damaged, though we don’t know why. Dom is successful, gorgeous, dark and mysterious. He is kinky, he is cold and he is very very sad. He’s been that way for the last 6 years. The life altering is revealed about 3/4 into the story, after clues are strewn throughout the story.

Jacey, whom we’ve met in If You Leave, Gabe and Maddy’s story is Gabe’s little sister. She is beautiful, light and fun, and generally irresponsible, though she’s doing her best to turn her life around after having been burned by her ex time and again. She is pursuing a better, more stable life for herself, but she’s still drawn to the bad boys, to parties and the fun aspect of life.

It’s like he saw me. He saw that someone died because of me. He saw that there’s something so fundamentally wrong with me that my own parents don’t want anything to do with me. That I’m flawed.
He saw all of that. He looked into my eyes and saw it. And then he turned away and left me to rot in the jail cell alone.
He’s a fucking asshole.

However, Jacey has a beautiful heart. She is caring and loving and has a good sense about people. And she she’s thrown into a 3 months community service right alongside our bad boy – we get to see both their souls.

“Don’t love me,” he says simply. “Or I’ll break you. I own’t want to, but it will happen.”
I’m stunned at the utter bleakness of his words, of his voice, of the heart-wrenching expression on his face. I don’t know what happened to him to put it there.

When push comes to shove and Dominic won’t open up to Jacey about his past, he is faced with losing her forever. All over a secret that has wrongfully eaten his faith in himself, of his capacity to love and be loved.

Again, as with the first two novels in the series, the supporting characters set the stage for next novels and support the storyline beautifully. One of them is Brand – Gabe’s best friend and honorary big brother to Jacey. I had several flaily moments over him, and his role in the story is so crucial to Jacey’s journey, I’m demanding he be the next protagonist. *hint hint, shove shove, Ms. Cole*

Before you fall, you’ll fly.

As if we need more.

Courtney Cole takes no prisoners in her writing and is not afraid to tackle dark situations and somehow combine them with sexy, swoony, broken and awesome situations.

I’m aware that this review is somewhat jumble-y and a little all over the place, but I think it shows that I loved it enough to be a total idiot when trying to convey my feelings and thoughts.

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