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Romance, letter and Dex! Oh my!

Love by the Letter - Melissa Jagears

After reading A Bride for Keeps, this little novella telling Dex and Rachel’s story completes the circle.


Very sweet, well written and OMG Dex is beyond adorable. I guess we all have a thing for flawed men.


And when Dex gets nervous, his flustered state is hilarious:


“This is a rather hard thing for me to ask, but I don’t have any other choice.” He cleared his throat. “Or rather, you’r my only choice.”

Well, if this was a marriage proposal, Dex was about to give Mr. Darcy a lesson on how to thoroughly offend and insult a woman while asking for her hand.


I don’t want to say much about the plot, but right from A Bride for Keeps I liked Dex and Rachel. They are both fantastic characters, balanced, light and fun, and this novella rounded up everything else I needed to know about them. They’re perfect for each other.


My rating: 4star


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