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Heating Up the Holidays 3-Story Bundle - Lisa Renee Jones, Serena Bell, Mary Ann Rivers

I think in my last review I mentioned my growing love for Loveswept. Well… it just grew a little more.


Play With Me – Lisa Renée Jones


This is my introduction to Lisa Renée Jones’ writing. And I loved it!

Kali was betrayed by her father and her fiancé and decided to start fresh in Sin City. At the temp agency she is assigned to be a high profile hotel and casino chain CEO’s assistant.


Damion is a young rising star who’s managing 3 hotels in Vegas. He’s gorgeous, intimidating and demanding, and is completely smitten with Kali upon meeting her. Amidst a security issue at the firm, they get to know each other professionally and intimately, and yes – it’s steamy. Very.


I liked Kali’s attitude towards starting fresh. She isn’t hindered by the past and when facing a problem, she solves it, shakes herself up and looks forward. She also believes in herself and her professional capabilities and won’t back down when faced with a challenge from Damion.


I’ll admit, I don’t believe this situation can happen in real life, but as far as stretching reality, LRJ did a great job with two strong MCs and several appealing supporting characters. I really liked Terrance, too. He deserves a spinoff. js


My rating: 4star



Snowfall – Mary Ann Rivers


I cannot begin to express how much I love Mary Ann Rivers’ writing. When you’re hit with a story that is so unique in its concept AND its writing – bells sound.


The protagonist is a PhD microbiologist who absolutely loves the very basics of science. I have a science degree in biotechnology myself, so I’m familiar with the terms and that raw passion for all things nerdy. This might be why or part of why I felt so emotionally attached to this story, but either way, Jenny made me feel everything I’m sure Mary Ann Rivers was aiming for. Jenny Write is diagnosed with a healthy problem that gradually handicaps her and with the help of her occupational therapist is slowly and after much resistance, starts to make progress, adapt and adjust to everyday life again. She is also developing an online relationship with the previous tenant to occupy her current apartment.


Rivers uses clever analogies. I’m positive some if not most are intentional, but I have the feeling that when she writes, her whole being is immersed in the subject matter, in the world she’s creating, that some analogies just flow into the story.


Snowfall being the 2nd story I’ve read of Mary Ann’s (The Story Guy was the first and is a must read!), I almost expect her next book to be heartbreaking and hopeful. Snowfall made me tear up a lot, it’s made me giggle and swoon and feel so sad for Jenny. Addressing this difficult, possibly not so uncommon yet unexplored and undereducated publicly, in a form of a romance is amazing. And as I’ve stated before, it’s amazingly written.


At this point I have yet to read Serena Bell’s novella in this bundle, but if only for Rivers’ novella – this bundle needs to be bought and read.


My rating: 5



After Midnight – Serena Bell


OMG. My love for Serena Bell only grows from story to story of hers I’m reading.

Who doesn’t have a love/hate relationship with NYE? I sure do. And when something life changing (personally and not for the better) happens shortly before? Yuck.


That’s what happened to Miles and Nora. Each of them suffered a sort of betrayal and each of them chose to deal with it completely differently. In a chance meeting they hit it off. For 15 minutes. And then…


Nora and Miles both go through a growing process as characters, through dealing with their own personal challenge, and while it takes a long time, it’s genuine and real.

Bell’s writing is so relaxed and real, and I love the emotions she manages to carry forward through the characters.


Oh, also – and this was verified with Serena Bell herself – Miles and Nora are pure coincidence that’s completely unrelated to NBC’s Revolution. She doesn’t even watch it. LOL


My rating: 4.5star


Thank you Loveswept and NetGalley for providing this early copy in exchange for an honest review.


The review is also available on The Book Hammock