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Phoenix Overture - Jodi Meadows

As opposed to Incarnate and Asunder which are told in Ana’s voice, Phoenix Overture is Dossam’s story. Thousands of years before he meets Ana. And before reincarnation is even an issue.


I was excited to get my hands on a copy of this novella, as I absolutely enjoyed the first couple of books in the Incarnate series. And I’ll be even more excited when Infinite comes out in January, 2014.


I really loved and enjoyed Incarnate and Asunder, the first two books in the trilogy. And Dossam is a fantastic character.


This novella from Dossam’s POV deals with life 5000 years prior to Incarnate, before the white wall, before Janan has executed his eternal life plan. The main danger Dossam’s community had to face was trolls. He had parents, a brother, and each of the people in the community had their own talent with which they contributed.


All his life Dossam had suffered at his father’s hand. He didn’t have a skill, couldn’t work, build, teach, etc. His only talent was music, and in times of drought, that helps no one. His mother used to teach him in hiding and protect him from his father’s abusive behavior, but after she dies in a troll attack, no one can protect him. He then meets Stef, and now has someone who believes he’s not useless.


When Janan is kidnapped, the entire community sets out to save him. After a journey which takes months, and the lives of half the people, they reach the white wall. There, they discover Janan’s plan, that he wasn’t taken, and that they must choose – reincarnate or die.


Phoenix Overture is exceptionally well written and is, in line with the first two books, very lyrical. I think Ana’s POV flows better and for some reason the story in her voice was received better for me. It felt more interesting and the pace was more engaging.


Having said that, this novella clears a lot about how life was before, when people lived their lives, died and didn’t return. About who came up with the plan to live forever, how they achieved it, and Dossam’s and Stef’s feelings and involvement.


It’s a quick read, so even if for the sake of getting an insight into Dossam’s mind, heart and actions – it’s worth it!


My rating: 3.5star