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Shades of the Stars: A Legend of the Dreamer Anthology - David     James This world is filled with stories, fantasies, romances and other clusters of words. But I rarely encounter the poetic emotion as in David James' writing. This anthology includes the other two little novellas published months ago about Magda and about Zack. It also includes a new novella, about Lily. Lily is a fire element, born to two water element parents. And she has difficulty controlling her fire. Lily was also burned (pun? Maybe) by a former love interest, another fire element, who rejected her for her inability to control hers. Lily's story takes place while Kate and Calum is in the Order's cave during Calum's trial. She is approached by Shane, an ice element, whom she thinks she can never have, because... Fire and ice?I always feel fully immersed when reading Legend of the Dreamer stories. Just read David's words. He is truly one of the more gifted authors out there.