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The Hell You Say: The Third Adrien English Mystery

The Hell You Say - Josh Lanyon Reading the entire series at once allows me to compare the books, so... there's improvement.There's more romance, although I wouldn't really call it romance. Adrien is being played and he's allowing it. Which kind of pisses me off. Jake is trying to eat the cake and leave it whole, and his crazy lit club is stalking him. WTF?As for the mystery plot - how, HOW does Adrien find himself in the middle of all this crap time and time again? It's comical, in a way. In short: Angus is mixed up with Satanists (surprise, surprise... NOT!), Adrien is too good to not help him and thus, gets himself involved in a murder investigation. Again. There are many new names in this one, none of them is important. None, but one, potentially - Guy Snowden, a professor.And I hope this Guy guy is Jake's wakeup call. He needs a serious shake. Idiot.Anyhoo, Josh Lanyon's clever, witty, fluid writing is what I'm enjoying most about these books so far.Onto #4.