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The Dark Tide (Adrien English Mystery, #5)

The Dark Tide - Josh Lanyon I'm rounding up the 4.5 stars. This was soooo awesome. Best so far.This plot had everything in it: angst, mystery, family, friendship, confliction, sex, romance and tons of laughs. I really enjoyed it.The story behind Adrien's property (once hotel) is revealed when a skeleton is found under the floorboards during renovations to expand the book store.Of COURSE, Detective Alonzo, the resident douche tries his best to pin something on Adrien, but that doesn't work so well for him. That the only thing that annoyed me, that there was no resolution for Alonzo (demotion, kicking him off the force, death, I'm not picky).This all happens while Adriens is recovering from open heart surgery + gunshot wound, 3 weeks prior. Since the case is a cold one, the police isn't keen on spending too many hours and personnel on it, so Adrien hires retired cop turned PI, Jake, to investigate. And again, the sleuth is in action. Guy and Mel (both of Adrien's exes) make an appearance trying to get Adrien back. But his heart is taken. It just takes him time to come to terms with it.And it's SO freakin' adorable!