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Light of the Moon

Light of the Moon (Legend of the Dreamer, Book 1) - David James This fantastical story is about a legend and a prophecy. It's the story about the love child of an angel and the devil, and it's a story about the protector that will save him and the world from doom.Calum, suffering from recurring nightmares, always felt like an outsider, and never knew why. When groups after groups of people go missing, and after his entire school population is slaughtered, Calum runs to find out who and what he is, what he has always been and how he fits in to a life changing prophecy.Kate, who was led to believe her twin sisters died along with her parents, has been raised to be a warrior. When she joins Calum on his quest, she's destined to learn her part in the prophecy that is already set in motion.David James' debut novel is a beautifully crafted, carefully worded, compelling world of magic and legends, of good and evil and everything in between.I was drowning in his lost constellations. I highly recommend you at least go for a swim.