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Pivot Point

Pivot Point - This will be short, because honestly - if I start spewing information about the story, there would be no point left in reading it.Imagine a world where everybody lives their lives, school, college, work, whatever. Only there are cities/compounds masked by illusion so that "normal" people can't see them or know about them. The "special" people live in these compounds are psychologically advanced. They have abilities and many of their everyday functions are done using their brains.Addison is one. When faced with a decision, she can project and see the two possible outcomes and based on that - decide which path to choose.She's faced with a big decision, who to live with, when her parents decide to get a divorce. Stay with her mother at the compound, or leave with her father to live in the "normal" world.Imagine also, that there are two boys. Both exist in each path, but in what capacity?I was a little, ok, a lot confused for about 20% of the book and then things started making sense, kind of. But when you get to the last part? Oh boy, I almost fell off my couch was so tight with tension. I need the 2nd book.... yesterday.Not going to include quotes in this one. You should enjoy the swoons as you read. But trust me - there are swoons.