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10 Nights (Forbidden Desires, #1)

10 Nights (Forbidden Desires, #1) - Michelle Hughes I enjoyed this reading. However, I have several issues with this book:The first is it being filled to the gills with cliches. We all like romance and sometimes even the tacky descriptions of emotions and body parts, but come on.Second would be the damn safe word. A safe word is supposed to be used during scene play if the submissive is not willing to take it further and willing it to stop. It should be used as a threat. Safe wording that results in cutting off a relationship makes absofuckinglutely no sense. That would be like telling the sub: all or nothing. Third thing that pissed me off is again, the innocence. The girl may have been inexperience, but she jumped in with wide open eyes, knowing full well what she's doing. Using her innocence to satisfy your own fantasies and following your "10 nights formula" doesn't always work. And it kind of blew up in Rhett's face.Rhett's willingness to ignore his nature and giving up being a Dom so that he'll get the girl? Nuh uh! Doesn't work that way. If it did, the guy wouldn't be a Dominant. Rings a bell? 45, 46, 47, 48, 49,...The last thing is her having absolutely no spine when she came to him TO TALK that last night. You had issues you wanted to discuss, you don't just blow them away because he's down on one knee proposing!Having said that, it was very well written (although the British and American English mix was a little weird, that's why there are editors - use them) and the storyline flowed well.