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Duplicity - Kristina M. Sanchez Let me start by saying that I was one of the pre-readers for this novella, so you can either take this review at face value (and I'm honestly writing it as such) or see is as biased. Trust that there were several mini arguments *cough* plot discussions *cough* accompanying the process.Kris is one hell of a writer, and her way with words is truly unique, special and more often than not, touching. In Duplicity we are faced with Lilith, a young woman who along with her two best friends, suffered a trauma as a high school student. As life takes us in so many different directions, so have Lilith's life, and she chose to support her friend in her studies, as well as emotionally, by working the oldest profession in the world. Trey sees through her facade.The rest is in the story.Novellas are most of the time very lacking; whether in plot details or emotional depth or even how well we get to know the characters. Duplicity, in my opinion, is not lacking. We get the good, the bad and the ugly, and we get it all wrapped up in a lyrical story, beautifully developed and very well written.