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Broken (This, #1)

Broken (This, #1) - J.B. McGee Since I'm vacillating between 2 and 3 stars, I'll give the benefit of the doubt.This is a good story about a college girl who've been hurt in the past by her boyfriend and her best friend. She was also hurt on some level by her father, but the extent of that is not yet revealed in this book (there are more planned, as it turns out.)As in all stories, girl meets new boy. New boy wants her and is willing to do everything to help her and be with her.This is all good and dandy, however, considering it's not a full length novel (and it should be), and there will be a few more installments to this "This" series, there is a hell of a lot more depth that could have gone into pretty much everything. I'd have loved seeing more character development, more plot development, more depth and gradual progression for each and every act that happens in the story.Another thing that bothered me is the fact that Bradley talking like a man from the 1800s and not a 21st century 29 year old man. Add to that the fact that Gabby is being a tad melodramatic over a high-school first love, it's just a little too much.I'm planning on reading the following books, if only to know how things turn out. But I'm hoping that J.B. McGee finds herself a brutal beta and some pre readers with a hefty experience in reading emotional stories, to help bring more depth into this.