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The Proposal

The Proposal - Katie Ashley Time to review this baby!!A little summary: We pick up a few weeks after Aiden's cheating on Emma and she has not forgiven him. Emma is still in touch with everyone in Aiden's life. His dad suffers from a heart attack while with Emma, and she's forced to contact Aiden. When Aiden gets to the hospital he learns that Emma has an admirer in the form of a handsome ER doctor, Pesh Nadeen.Trying to get over Aiden (or trying to convince herself she can), Emma flirts back. Later that day she herself is admitted to the hospital for having contractions and is put on bed rest. Aiden being the only one able to care for her during the next few weeks, she moves in with him. Trying his best to show her how much he loves her, cares for her and wants her forgiveness, Aiden gets his own slap in the face when Emma agrees to go out with Pesh.For fear of spoiling more of the story, I'm stopping the summary at this point, but things only get better from here. Trust.I enjoyed this book a lot, more than The Proposition. Everything, including the angst, was a lot more balanced. There was a good amount of humor in it, too. And the swoons... Aiden sure makes up for being a man whore. And when the baby is born and we got a glimpse of daddy Aiden (can we call him Daiden?) my heart did a few flips.Well written, sweet, angsty, romantic, sassy and sexy - this one has it all.