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Wethering The Storm (The Storm, #2)

Wethering The Storm (The Storm, #2) - Samantha Towle Jake Wethers. This in itself should be the review for this book.Got my hands on The sequel to The Mighty Storm the day it came out a few days ago and in less than 24 hours finished it.I loved The Mighty Storm. I loved Jake Wethers and Trudy Bennett and their love story. Boy and girl next door true love, drug addiction, fame and salvation. What’s not to love?In Wethering the Storm Jake is drug free and starting his life with Tru. He loves her like no other, fully reciprocated of course, and will do pretty much anything in his power so that she’ll be happy and be happy with him.I fully expected a drug relapse, a cheating scandal (fake or otherwise) and even fame getting in the way of their love, as the dramatic obstacle in this story. I did. The entire setting for the story (first few chapters) lead me to that. But I got something a little better.That something better is Jake announcing he doesn’t want to have kids. And don’t get me wrong, that’s not a good thing in my book (personally), but it’s definitely a great setting for an unexpected bun in the oven and the after effects.Samantha Towle sprinkled the book with so many Jake swoons, and so many perfect gestures made by him for Tru, I was almost tempted to go out and find me a rock star. Jake made me tear up, and not only during the last 30% of the story, but almost from the start.Tru on her part adjusted to being a rock star’s fiancé very well, she’s dealing with Jake’s recovery from drug abuse, she’s even handling the sudden wealth amazingly well. But she wants what almost every woman wants. To be a mother. Not right away, of course, but someday. And Jake declaring he has not interest in being a father throws her back a little.And that’s where the fun begins. And that’s where Jake has his chance to screw up. And that’s when he takes that chance.So yes, at the beginning I felt like this book was going to be a cliché, and thought I had it figured out right away. And it included one of my pet peeves, coming on command (really? NO!) mostly at the beginning, and I genuinely would’ve been fine with 1-2 less explicit sex scenes, but it was well written, it was very emotional, very romantic, and swoony and everything you wanted in a New Adult rock star romance.**SPOILER****SPOILER****SPOILER**Also, who doesn’t want to see/read a “didn’t want to be a father” rockstar cradling a newborn? *swoooooon*4.5 stars, only for the few little things that I mentioned at the end of this review.A full review can be found on my blog.