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Macrieve (Immortals After Dark)

MacRieve - Kresley Cole Oh wow. Wow wow wow. MacRieve is awesome. He's a hottie (Hotter!!), protective, strong, and a huuuuuge idiot. But he redeems himself in the 90th minute. And right on time. Chloe is such a great female character. Loved that she's not a pushover, has her own self and knows herself enough and values herself enough to not rely on a man. Especially a dummy like Will is throughout most of the book. LolAnd Nix - what a character. She cracks me up constantly. I wish she had a mate too. That would be hysterical. He'd have to be just as nutty. Thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. Seems like the Accession is upon us more than ever. Can't wait for Munro's story. I have a feeling his journey will be the toughest. Poor lad.