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The Darkest Craving

The Darkest Craving - Gena Showalter I think I'm rounding up a 3.5+ stars for this review.I love Kane, and the guy deserved a break. Hid demon is seriously one of the nastier demons to have been released from the box. But the story dragged for me for the first 2/3 of the book.In the last book Kane was left in Hell, being brutalized and raped and abused by demon minions, bound and gagged and tortured. He was also saved by a female after, out of hallucinations, agreeing to her terms for her help. We find out her term was him killing her once he's recovered. See, Josephina is the daughter of the Fae king, but is forced to serve the royal family as a slave. She is also enduring the punishments for any of her half sister's crimes.Kane, predictably, forms a bond with her and feels she's "his". And again, we have the all-panty-dropping "Mine" the warriors all feel towards their females. When Kane follows her to the Fae realm to help her and save her, he doesn't quite know what he's getting himself into, but is determined to follow through and save his woman. Along with the other lords, he does achieve his goal, but Josephina has her own plan under her sleeve, and is determined to save him right back.The story, as all previous books, is packed with dark humor, which probably what saved the book for me. William the god-knows-what is as funny and annoying as always, saves the day in his own way, and sleeps with anything willing that moves. The last 1/3 of the book is very engaging and flowing much better, the action is balanced and riveting and there are a few clever surprises. I very much enjoyed that ending, and now I'm curious as to who will be getting the next book: Cameo, who's trapped in the Paring Rod or Torin who's trapped in a Titan jail cell with a frail and sickly 17 year old girl (sub plots of this book). I feel like Torin's story is a little more urgent, and basically... the guy can't keep on not touching anyone any longer. Disease needs a break.All in all, I liked the book. I wish it was more balanced throughout. And I'd love to see more of the women and their interactions and involvement in the storylines.This review is also available on my blog: The Book Hammock