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Twice Tempted (Night Prince Series #2)

Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost I'm not even going to try remembering to how spell the bad guy's name, but let's just say this: he didn't die in the explosion from the last book. No big surprise there. But he's not the obvious enemy here. Vlad himself is his own obstacle in having Leila in his life. If only he could get over his past and admit to her and to himself that he loves her, all will be fine, but nooooo, God forbid he puts himself out there. Men.So when her RV explodes after leaving him and she's presumed dead, she doesn't expect Vlad to be broken over it, or try to find her and help her once he learns she survived.I think the only thing that prevented me from giving this one 5 stars is predictability in many places. It's still Vlad, though, so it's awesome. Fun read, for sure.