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Addicted - Charlotte Stein Unf unf unf!This books is pretty much a package deal.Kit, a writer, reads a little of her book to a friend who without fail bursts out laughing. To figure out what's missing, Kit attends a sex therapy group. Only she's exposed as a fake by Dillon. He takes it upon himself to help Kit, and so the two start reenacting the different scenes from the book.Kit has an incredibly unique mind. Her inner self is hilarious in a "I didn't mean it" kind of way. She also lacks any ability to flirt, and sometimes the ability to comprehend what flirting is - which makes every word coming out of her mouth beyond amusing.Both Kit and Dillon change throughout the story. Kit's evolution may be more obvious to the reader, as she gets more comfortable in her own skin and realizes she actually has the ability to be sexual, flirty and passionate. Dillon's story is cleverly hidden, almost as subtext, which makes the ending a lot sweeter than what I anticipated it to be.I've highlighted so many lines in this book, but I can't bring myself to share any of them. Most won't even make sense out of context, so I guess you'll all have to suck it up and buy the book.Charlotte Stein is pretty amazing in her writing. It's fresh, light, meaningful, with a very unique cheeky-dark twist. At first I thought she had to have been at least tipsy writing this book, but then I realized her mind is just THAT awesome.