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True - Erin McCarthy I wish there were 1/2 stars. I feel this is about 3.5 stars and would easily give it 4 if not for Rory's constant insecurities.I've had True for a few weeks, but by the time I got to read this book I remembered very little of the premise. In short, we have Rory - a twenty year old girl, inexperienced, shy and nerdy to a fault; a student in college, roommate to two beautiful, tall and statuesque blonds. The girls, Kylie and Jessica are determined to get Rory out of her shy shell and are basically pushing her on Jessica's on again/off again hookup, Tyler. Unbeknownst to Rory, Tyler has been promised pay for his services. Unbeknownst to Kylie and Jessica, Tyler really likes Rory.And then things get complicated. Mostly due to Tyler's dysfunctional family, drug abuser mother and Rory's just as nerdy as her (if not more) father.The story is well written, well developed and I loved Tyler. Absolutely felt for him and was swooning left and right. Tyler is the bad boy with the good heart. But he's not really a bad boy. He's doing the best he can and is being pretty darn fantastic about everything, including his treatment of women, his love and care for his family and his priorities. I'm very curious to see if there's some sort of a resolution about his little mishap with the law.My issue with this book is with Rory. While I identified with her on many levels, even the insecurities a little, it still pretty much pissed me off. While being insecure and shy is not uncommon, I felt that while the shyness I completely understand, Rory pretty much forced it on herself to be insecure. Every time there was an excuse to fuel her insecurities, she pretty much jumped on it. When it was Grant, of all people, who'd attacked her in the past, the one suggesting Tyler is only feeling sorry for her, I wanted to smack her across the head. Girl - WAKE UP! The boy is so attentive and loving and all over you all the time - he WANTS you. YOU!Another issue I had with her is when she found out about the "deal" her friends made with Tyler. I don't think I would act so forgivingly towards them, even knowing they had her best interest, or what they thought that was, at heart. I think in her place I'd confront them and be assertive about them interfering to that degree with my love life. I'm not sure, but I want to think that's what I'd do.I am curious as to how the story continues, and from the little excerpt at the end there will be another book. I like Ms. McCarthy's style. It's light, fun, and spot on with the occasional emotional twist. Thank you to Intermix, Penguin and NetGalley for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review.