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Code Red

Code Red - Amy Noelle I'm going for 4.5 stars here.You know how sometimes you need a good read that's light, sweet, fun, funny and well written? Wellllllll, read this one. I honestly enjoyed this story about Nicole, a 27 year old (I think?) woman who formed a bond with 4 more girls in college and they live(d) by a code regarding men.And then Nicole is teamed up at work with a transfer from NYC. Josh.That's when I swooooooned and died. But I came back from the underworld to keep reading, because come on - JOSH!And he swooooooped her off her feet. He even swooped her girlfriends off their feet and they've never met him. Can you say talent?As per Amy's literary talent, her way with light and fun writing creates words that make you laugh, frustrate you and honest to God, made me want to cry at a certain point. Of course that's when I turned the page and laughed my butt off.