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Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3)

Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3) - Ruthie Knox Aaaaallll the stars in the sky for this book.Ruthie being a contemporary romance genius is not news to anyone, and still she managed to create another perfection in the form of Sean Owens. Once again she crafted a fantastic story with that unique voice of hers that just wraps all around you when you read her stories. I can't imagine a book written by her that I won't absolutely love.In this 3rd Camelot novel, Katie Clark, the youngest of the Clarks gets her happily ever after. But to get it she needs to fight her own determination to become a field agent for her brother's (Caleb, cue *swooooooon*) security company, fight Sean Owens and get him to talk to her and mentally fight a client who's being a major pain in the a$$.Sean Owens, who we've met in Along Came Trouble, Caleb Clark's story, is only temporarily relocated back to Camelot. In actuality he has his own company back in California and needs to get back to it and save it from going under. There's one problem, he can't seem to leave Katie behind. She has always been his fantasy, through high school and into adulthood. Sean is battling the return of a speech impediment that seems to only get worse when talking to Katie. So he doesn't. Katie is trying to figure out why Sean won't talk to her. She's convinced he hates her, but when Caleb teams them up for a job, she learns differently. The sexual tension between Sean and Katie is pretty much everything a reader (I do, anyway) is looking in a romance novel. The stolen glances, obscured (as if) touches, the hinted verbal communication, it all makes the story so much better, and Ruhie is brilliant writing it into her novels.I think Katie is a strong female character. She was used in the worst way possible and mentally/emotionally betrayed by her high school sweetheart and husband, but with the help of her family managed to get her life back together and on track. She's spunky, loyal, loving and yes, slightly damaged - but anyone who's been through what she has would be.Sean, on the other hand, is probably one of the best male leads I've read in a while.Sean tipped over sideways on the couch, overtaken by silent laughter, and the sight of him there - that deep dimple peeking out from beside his fingers, his infectious amusement - all of it filled Katie with a clean sort of pleasure that lit her up and made her smile back at him without reserve.