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Beyond Pain (Beyond, Book Three)

Beyond Pain - Kit Rocha Beyond Pain deals with Brendan (Bren) Donnelly and Six (no last name, and her real name is revealed later in the book). Six was the former Sector Three’s lover, however lover is not what she was. Six was abused and raped by her boyfriend and his friends. When she finally stood up to him, he threw her at Dallas O’Kane’s mercy. Six has never been able to feel like she belongs, and since she ran away from the farms, like she has a family.“Maybe she was too broken to deserve being loved.“Bren took her under his wing, in a rather metaphoric way. Letting her spend quiet, almost wordless time with him in his garage, working on his cars, teaching her how to protect herself and treating her like an equal.Bren needs pain. Physical pain. He is big and tall, a lethal machine – a product of Eden, and is sexual as hell. He’s also kind and protective and all the different facets of his personality coming alive in this book make him one hell of a sexy package.While Dallas O’Kane needs Six’s help with information on Sector Three, cleaning the sector and making the people living there feel safe, she slowly starts opening up, feeling more comfortable in her own skin and around the women and men of O’Kane’s gang.There are scenes that literally made me stop breathing, not from fright or worry, but from anticipation. About half way through the book, one of the most intense sexual experiences to watch for Six, is described in such a lively and mesmerizing way, I read it twice. Twice. Before continuing with the book.“Slow, I think.” Lex spoke lazily, her words matching the rhythm of her fingers. “Until you get off at least once. Then I want to watch him ride you so hard you can’t even scream.”There are some beautiful relationships forming in the book. And one of the ones I enjoyed a lot was between Lex and Six. The way the author writes Lex’s personality, her way of “getting” people, her compassion and badassness (I don’t care if that’s not a word) is amazing. I had no doubt from the very beginning that Lex marked Six as a future O’Kane. It really was, like she said at some point in the book, up to Six. When she’s ready.There were a few moments in the story where I wanted to stand in front of Six and tell her I’m proud of her. When she believed in herself, when she believed in her new friends and family and mostly when she accepted herself and that she’s worthy being an O’Kane.The last portion of the story was intense and emotional, and when the book itself is so very physical, to have that kind of emotional impact on a reader (I had tears in my eyes) is a true talent with words. We also got a little tease on Ace, Cruz and Rachel and the dynamics between those three. My mind was changed about who I want Rachel to end up with so many times, that when I found out Beyond Jealousy deals with the three of them, I literally squealed. Out loud. LOLThe Beyond books are more than high quality smut. They’re a beautiful manifestation of erotica and voyeurism on paper. I highly recommend Kit Rocha’s series and am definitely going to check out their paranormal romance, as well.The full review is available on my blog: http://on.fb.me/16wOVYN