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Down London Road

Down London Road - Samantha Young 4.5 stars!Sweet sweet sweet. I loved On Dublin Street, so I knew I would thoroughly enjoy Down London Road. Samantha Young is influencing my "I want to visit Ireland and Scotland" to the point where I want to pack my bags and camp out in the airport.Joss's very good friend, Johanna Walker, is dealing with a bed ridden drunk mother, a long gone abusive father and is the sole carer for her 14 year old brother, Cole. Being a high-school dropout she believes to have no skill or talent and her self esteem is pretty much nonexistent, so she dates rich men in the hopes that one of them will sweep her off her feet and rescue her from her life. Her current sugar daddy treats her well, but doesn't know her, doesn't know the extremity of her circumstances and their relationship seems to be emotionally controlled. Then she meets Cameron MacCabe. He is the exact opposite of her usual type, and has a very negative first impression of her, based on her looks and a private call he overhears only one side of.Jo is struggling with so much, but when Cam finds out the truth he's doing a complete 180 and trying to be a friend to her at the very least, although he wants more.Cam. Is. Swoony. His hands squeezed my waist, and I looked up into his eyes. They were almost navy with scorching heat. 'Were really doing this. No backing out.' His lips skimmed my jaw until his mouth stopped at my ear. 'I'm going to fuck you so hard, sink so deep inside of you, ou'll never work me out from under your skin. Never.' Tingles exploded all over my body at his words.There's also the part where he tells Jo when he fell for her, and describes his feelings. I'm not quoting it because trust me, you want to read it for yourselves and swoon all on your own, in context.This book made me smile a lot, swoon a whole lot and even got my eyes brimming with tears at a point or two. It was well written and I think I really love Young's voice. She knows how to use the supporting characters to the best of the plot and Joss, Cole and the Nichols family were perfect in that role.It did not hurt that there was a fair amount of Braden in this book, as well. I swear to God, this man... Go read.