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Origin (Lux)

Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout She deserves a medal, the woman. Seriously. I'm talking about JLA. I don't think I've encountered an author that writes so much (do you sleep, Jen? Eat? Go to the bathroom?) as much as she does, and pretty much all her words are awesome. Whether they're fantasy, alien, romance, adult or even her grocery list.Opal kinda ended with what many people thought is their lives ending. Katy was captured by the Daedalus and Daemon as expected wanted to tear the world apart.So as if it wasn't obvious the entire Lux fandom was on pins and needles for this book, let me expand on that: the pins were very pointy and the needles so sharp, I felt like a pin cushion and a strainer rolled into one.The book alternates between Katy's and Daemon's POVs.Daemon is restrained in the community by the elders (evils, the lot of them, that's my stand and I'm sticking with it) in what could only be described as a prison. After a while he manages to escape and all but runs to Katy. Ok, so he makes a pitstop at Luc's club and gets a little bit of help (or guidance) and also meets Hunter. Remember him? From Obsession? Noms.Derailed...Pretty much walking into the DOD facility where Katy was captured, he bargains with the Daedalus that he'll cooperate if they take him to Katy. And so we find ourselves in Area 51, Nevada, a.k.a. Extraterrestrial Zone. Nothing but desert and hidden aliens, a little like Vegas.Anyway, upon arrival in the facility Katy is put through the ringer with tests, She's beaten up and mentally abused (and we also find out what's going on with Blake the bastard who betrayed them and got Katy captured) and all of that in the guise of helping humanity. Chyeah!! She's shown a few groups in the facility, volunteers of both human and Luxen kind, that are practically medical guinea pigs. And she's always escorted by Archer. A hottie of a bodyguard. Kinda. Just remember - The Olive Garden.When Daemon arrives and sees Katy (cue tears of joy from me) he is tested right along with her, to verify they are connected on a molecular level. And to do that, the most horrific scenario is executed. All, of course, in the name of humanity. Once confirmed they are, in fact, share the best possible bond of the hybrid-luxen kind, they are shown something else. The babies.