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Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2)

Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) - Cherrie Lynn I think this can be considered a solid 4 stars book.In this installment we're facing Brian's story. Brian was a troubled teen, and that left a bitter taste for his family, even though he had picked himself up, opened a business and is behaving (mostly) like a responsible adult. Yes, he's tattooed and pierced, in more than the visible places, but that has nothing to do with his heart.His ex girlfriend, Michelle's cousin, Candace, was always in love with Brian. She's been pining for the past 2 years, and now that he and Michelle are broken up, and her cousin had moved on and is dating someone else, Candace is taking the first step in her self-liberation, from the norm in her life and from her controlling family. She's come to him to get a tattoo.Their romance is angst filled, and extremely hot and sexy. Candace is growing into her own independent self and learns to stand up for herself in front of her family, especially her tyrannical mother.I absolutely adored Brian and his love to Candace. Beyond his sexy, gorgeous and swoony self, he is incredibly mature about everything he's dealing with. Another thing that bothered me with the first novel was too much sex and too much sex, explicit anyway, is sometimes too much and distracting from the story. This book was a lot more focused on the plot and worked well with the smut. Edit : Just added a 5th star. After reading book 3, I realized this one deserves more. Yes, book 3 is a little more solidly written, but it only grabbed me completely almost half way through, whereas Rock Me had me engrossed from pretty much the beginning. Not to mention Brian. So... yeah.