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The Angel

The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz Finished it last night and wanted to sleep on it before I review.Thank you NetGalley for providing me with an advanced copy of The Angel. Having read The Siren a couple of times, and completely fell in love with it, I was absolutely ravenous for the continuation of Nora's story.The Siren left off where Nora tells Wesley she's going back to Søren and he is leaving to go back to Kentucky. Now Nora and Søren are facing a problem when the church is looking to promote Søren to a bishop, which would mean him moving away and having less (to none) time for Nora. At the same time a journalist, Suzanne Kanter is getting a tip that there's a conflict of interests in Søren becoming a bishop, and immediately jumps to the conclusion it is sex related, since Catholic church is involved, and sets out to investigate. Suzanne has her own demons that influence her in this quest for the truth.Søren sends Nora away for the summer along with Michael, the 17 year old boy from the church that tried to commit suicide several years prior, so that she can train him as a submissive. And to keep her out of the way of the investigation. They go and take residence with Griffin Fiske in his estate. Søren asks Nora for one thing: to make her peace with Wesley while she's away. In The Angel we get more insight into Søren and Kingsley's past, into Nora's past and into what could possibly be the future. This book is dealing with suicide, first love, incest, rape, murder and money and of course, sex. A lot of sex, and not the vanilla kind. And with exquisit character and plot development, this book is another example to Reisz's literary superiority to a lot of other writers in the genre.Highly highly recommended!