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Incarnate - Holy crap. I don't even know where to begin with this one.I told myself I won't get sucked into another dystopian series, so what do I do? Get myself sucked into another dystopian series.If you ever imagined what happens to your soul once you die, and took some of the theories that are out there into consideration, you MUST have thought about reincarnation. This is what the Newsoul series is about.Ana is a newsoul or a nosoul, depending on who's defining her. Her mother, Li, despises her. Ana was born a a non-reincarnated soul, she has no past and an unknown future. Since everyone's soul in Heart has been living for the past few thousands of years, Ana is an anomaly. When she turns 18, Ana leaves to find answers. Why was she born? Is she a mistake? Why is she not loved? What will happen to her soul when she dies? Only she is attacked by Sylphs, a shadowy creatures that inflict burns. Ana is saved by Sam, a (seemingly) 18 year old boy, who decides to help her find the answers she seeks. There are infinite turns and twists in this first book in the series, and considering normally first books "new world" series are not as packed and eventful, this one is very refreshing. The world is revealed throughout the story. There's a good amount of dialogue, but that doesn't shadow Ana's thoughts as we learn about everything. There's originality and flow, and holy smokes is there UST. I can't wait to start Asunder.