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A Touch of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #0.5) - Lara Adrian

I’ve read the Midnight Breed series a while back, and then all subsequently released installments, and I love it. Mostly the way Adrian reinvented the series with the last full length novel, Edge of Dawn.

Anyhoo, Gideon and Savannah were already mated when the series began, and FINALLY we’re getting their story, as a prequel for the series.

First, let me start by telling you the novella is now FREE on Amazon, so get it and then continue reading this post.

Got it? Good.

Savannah in this novella is an student who’s researching ancient artifacts. Her Breedmate’s gift is seeing an object’s past upon touching it. So naturally, she takes great care to not touch a gorgeous sword while trying to date and identify it. Only… that doesn’t work out and she gets a glimpse of a brutal scene. 

So you know there’s a murder that ensues, and the media is involved, and the story is outed, and Gideon sees it, which strikes up his interest in her.

Gideon is one of my favorites. He’s funny yet serious, he’s gorgeous (like they all are) yet rugged, he’s wicked smart and he’s perfect for Savannah.

Savannah is delicate and fierce. She’s passionate about her job at the archives and it matches her gift perfectly. Surprise, surprise. Then again, Adrian has the talent to make these details blend seamlessly.

I loved Gideon and Savannah’s story. I loved another little glimpse into the Breed’s stories, especially the beginning when the core of the Breed fighters were so against being mated. The ending makes it all the sweeter.

4.5 Stars


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