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Brooke (Under the Never Sky, #2.5) - Veronica Rossi

YESSS!!! Another piece of the puzzle that is Under the Never Sky. This is one trilogy I’m glad is being added on to by little novellas. First it was Roar and Liv, and now we’re getting Brooke’s story. While Brooke is nasty, I’m willing to give her a chance. *whispers* and there’s the possibility for more Perry.

This little novella is exactly what I needed to calm my Ever Night craving for more Perry. So while this is Brooke’s little story, I enjoyed getting more of the fantastic world Rossi has created in Under the Never Sky.

Brooke is as selfish as ever and I doubt I’ll ever like her as a character, however, her character arc in this mini-installment is very pronounced. Brooke grows from being bitter and somewhat vindictive towards Aria, through the possibility that she still has a chance to have Perry one day, through realizing there are others who want and appreciate her, and finally to recognizing that her feelings for others indicate that Perry was never meant to be hers, that her love for him is not the right kind of love.

At that point I did feel slight sympathy towards her and the situation she’s in, having lost her best friend and the man she thought is hers, but not enough to change my mind about her. In my eyes she has yet to redeem herself.

Nevertheless, the story swept me into its magic and I enjoyed it very much.

So remember I was saying this novella tied me over? I take that back. I need more Perry now. I don’t know how I can wait more for Into the Still Blue. I’m totally ready to get back to Perry and Aria.

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