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Before - Nicola Marsh

This short novel (or really long novella?) is a prequel to Brash, the Burlesque Bombshells series. Having not read Brash yet (released February 2013) I can only review this very objectively, so other bloggers or readers who’ve read Brash will think differently.

Jess Harper is invited by her older brother, Reid, on a business trip; a full month in Australia’s Outback. Not that any other person in whatever situation will decline such an opportunity, this comes at just the right for Jess, who’s just the night before had an unpleasant encounter. To say the least. And so she meets Jack.

Jack is a recently settled down (for now) drifter who is a cook’s apprentice at the outback ranch Jess is visiting with her brother. He is gorgeous, despite his recent past – honorable, and determined to make something of his life. Having to depend only on himself he has no other choice but to stick to his guns and hold back from his attraction to Jess.

I’d like to address Jess first. Finally, a heroine who’s not helpless. That incident I mentioned? She really surprised me with her actions and reactions. She decides what she wants to change and goes for it, a lot like Jack. She changes from a shy, demure and quiet, a good girl – to a little more brazen, going after what (or who!) she wants. Yet she manages to maintain who she truly is.

Jack, who has been homeless, for all intents and purposes, after bouncing between foster homes for most of his life, is determined to change his behavior, change his life around and make a good future for himself. He is a little brash, full of surprises (mostly to himself) and as mentioned before – honorable.

I enjoyed the plot, the originality of the twists the storyline is taking, but wish there was a little more depth to the subjective stories of the characters. To somehow give more volume to their emotions and actions.

This little novel is very well written, flows well and the ending leaves a taste for more. So for me, there will be more.

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