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Holiday Games - Jaci Burton

For some reason I forgot this was coming out so I had a nice little pre-holidays surprise with this novella. Being a Play-by-Play fan, a Riley family fan, really, I was looking forward for a little update on the early couples: Mick and Tara, Liz and Gavin and Jenna and Tyler to name a few.

I really like Jaci Burton’s writing style. Her light and charmingly flowing words make for an easy, sweeping read. Her men are always sexy and charming, and her women are diverse and determined.

This little holiday novella updates us, as expected, on the previous couples, mainly Liz and Gavin and of course, the happy, about-to-be-married Jenna and Ty. There are pre wedding jitters, tons of preparations and navigating the very different schedules the family athletes have. But for me the main event was everything that was brewing in Gavin and Liz’s little corner.

Liz, a hardass, hardcore and very sharp agent/business woman, the one you’d never in a million years thought would want to be a mother – wants a baby. Pretty much from the second she married her pro baseball hottie, Gavin. But it’s been over a year of trying and no success. So Liz being Liz, driven, always gets what she wants Liz – is stressing herself even more.

I think in retrospect, one of the stories in this series I enjoyed most was Liz and Gavin’s. It’s just always a treat to see a tough woman crack and open her heart. This novella doesn’t disappoint where they are concerned. Liz and Gavin practice, we get the steamy description, and enjoy, as always a HEA ending.

Though predictable, this is a fun and light read. I breezed through it.

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