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Sentinel - Jennifer L. Armentrout

“Our love has never been easy.”

Oh how I love JLA. I believe I already said that once or twice in my reviews.

I have to thank my friend tradermare over at Red Hot + Blue Reads. I was reading all of JLA’s works except for Covenant, until she said I must. That was right before Apollyon came out. I caught up and Sentinel we read pretty much together. Covenant is a fantastic series, btw.

Apollyon ended with one heck of a cliffhanger with Alex dying at Ares’ hand. Sentinel picks up right after, when Alex is waking up having been revived by Apollo.

This installment seals the series, with the group preparing for the war facing Ares and his intention to rule the mortal world.

Note: Since Armentrout’s writing is very action filled and not implying, I’m going to keep things very vague and not go into details. So in a way this review is mostly feelings and swoons. I offer no apologies.

Aiden *swoon* is nothing short of amazing in this book. He’s patient and understanding, even when he more than has the right not to be. He’s loving, compassionate, adores Alex to death, and will do literally everything for her. His character has been consistent from the very beginning of the series; he’s been Alex’s grounding point.

“Agapi mou, I’ve missed you.” His lips moved across my jaw and trailed a heated, shivery path down my throat, and then back to my lips. “I need you.”

And that’s all the quotes this review is getting.

Alex’s character, on the other hand, has changed and grew a lot throughout the series and the culmination of her character arc is clearly felt in Sentinel. Alex grows from being a clueless and traumatized, emotional and snippy teenage girl into a mature sentinel, responsible and pretty badass. She is loved and she loves, she takes life in stride and is not afraid of making difficult sacrifices.

Aiden’s and Alex’s relationship also develops beautifully in this series and I felt that in Sentinel it was a perfect give and take.

Seth – remember The First? He’s been a fool, and has ultimately betrayed Alex, pures and half-bloods for the illusion of what he’s always wanted – family. Seth makes a whiplashy comeback in Sentinel and I think overall he’s one of my favorite characters in YA Fantasy/PNR who’s villainy tendencies are questionable. I think he’s written perfectly – never knowing whether or not to trust him from one page to the next. I’m bowing to JLA for managing that. Definitely keeps the reader on their toes and makes the reading fun and intriguing.

The ending. I was very worried that the ending won’t do the series justice. Having been disappointed in some of the latest trilogy and series endings lately (and no, I’m not talking about Allegiant) I wanted it to be fitting. To do the characters justice. To do the series justice and make me remember it as one of my favorites. And it did. I felt like this ending was spot on. It fulfilled the expectations and the foreshadowing throughout the last couple of books, and yes – made me shed a tear or two, but it also left me with a smile on my face and a swoon in my heart.

Overall I wasn’t surprised by the plot in Sentinel. I think it was very well written, captivating, and gave Covenant a great closure.

I loved it.

Final note – I want to direct this to the editors and publisher: I don’t hold the author accountable for typos and mild grammatical errors. I understand a writing process is a lot more complex than I can even imagine. A book can be amazing, the story captivating, the characters compelling and the writing brilliant. But when the story is littered with silly, overlooked typos – it’s distracting and annoying, especially when the author has clearly put a lot of effort into writing the story and the reader is paying good money for it.

My rating: 4.5star