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Wild Child (Wild Ones 1.5) - M Leighton

Oh how I love M. Leighton. The Wild Ones was such a fun and emotional read, I expected Wild Child to be something along those lines. And that’s what I got, but in a way – more.

I really liked Jenna as Cami’s best friend in The Wild Ones, but to be honest, I didn’t get a good reading on Rusty as Trick’s best friend.

However – my reading on Rusty in this novella was loud and clear and I. Love. Rusty.

I’m not doing to delve into the plot, I want to concentrate on the characters and my feelings here.

Jenna and Rusty are sex fiends and there are some great scenes in this novella that required taking a break and a few deep breathes. Two words: Mechanical. Bull.

Cami, though, as a bride to be, forces Jenna, as her best friend, to identify with her self-inflicted sexbargo.

“No sex before the wedding. For me and Trick. Or for you and Rusty.” Cami says.

I laughed a lot, too.

While she might seem like the devil, holy hot damn can she plan a wedding! I bet even the flowers don’t have the nerve to drop a single petal until the festivities are over and she’s gone.

Jenna is fun, always happy and smiling, a little cheeky and a lot loving on the ones close to her. She’s desperate to leave town and move to a bigger and better future, but is willing to make big sacrifices if her feelings are reciprocated.

Rusty is great. He’s handsome, funny and fun, passionate and tremendously insecure. He trusts nothing more than everyone he loves – leaves. That has been the case with his father and Jenna, who shares a lot of his father’s carefree traits, is bound to follow the same path. So Rusty makes the biggest mistake of his life. He pushes Jenna away.

The feelings this little novella made surface were vast, from laughter and amusement to anger, frustration and deep sadness and fine, a couple of tears were involved.

I very much enjoy Leighton’s writing and her spunky style, and having read many of her novels, she only gets better. The smooth writing in this novella is a testament.

Highly recommended, but read The Wild Ones first. I think the backstory of those two, as well as Trick’s and Cami’s story (yum!) is a good foundation. And there are also the next two novels in this series coming out in 2014.

I gave it 4.5 Stars!

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