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You've got balls Veronica!! Well done!

Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

** This is a plot spoilers free post!! **

I’d like to address this book, the insanity around it, reactions wise and what I felt reading the last installment of the trilogy.

I’ll do it in bullets:

1) I love the trilogy. I think it’s smart, extremely well written and well though of. The world Roth created is inspiring (how NOT to spend our future) and the characters and plot are well developed.
2) I very much enjoyed Allegiant. Shocker, I know, considering the other reactions around it. I took great care avoiding FB, twitter and other forum threads until I finished reading it, mainly because I saw the general reaction for the ending and didn’t want to spoil for myself.
3) Veronica Roth is one tough cookie and I really appreciate she had the guts to write the ending the way she saw it.
4) I didn’t expect this ending, and although I wish it were different and the series ended in a more positive note, I respect Roth’s vision. This is fiction and we all want a HEA and we all want things that in real life may never happen. HOWEVER, this is also dystopia. It’s very unlikely to ever happen anyway, so… I understand the readers’ reactions to the ending, and it was hard to read, I admit. But I urge everyone to keep an open mind, and think for themselves when it comes to popular opinion on a successful tale.

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