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Seven Day Fiancé - Rachel  Harris

*Takes Rachel Harris and repositions her in my “gotta read this” pocket*

I was told I must read Seven Day Fiancé. When I got it, I had found out there’s a book before it, so naturally, my anal-retentive alter-ego had to read Taste the Heat first. Which I did —> See my review.

And now… SDF (love that the letters are conveniently positioned one next the other. anal-retentive, remember?)

So in my TtH review I mentioned Cane, Colby’s super “tough looking hunk of a nerd” <– my words and how I wanted him to be the next MC. And HE WAS!!!

Ok, from the beginning. Remember Angelle? She was the one in TtH that came on to Jason only to be, VERY nicely (because Jason is adorbs), turned down? And then her’s and Cane’s odd looks at each other? And Cane telling Jason “I think I’m in love.” the first time he saw her? Well, since then she became Colby’s good friend, and since she’s Sherry’s roomie… one big estrogen party. Colby and Sherry are on to Angelle now, figuring out she’s crushing on Cane, and they’re determined to do something about that.

Angelle, Cane calls her Angie so I’m going to as well, is in a predicament. She left home wanting to stand on her own two feet, not leaning on her family for support, and most of all – being herself and not what she’s expected or molded to be. The perfect daughter. The thing is, she blurted out to her mother that she’s engaged, and her fiancé is none other Cane, so now that Thanksgiving is around the corner and she’s expected home for a full week, with her fiancé… whoopsie.

Good thing there was a fundraiser in Magnolia Springs. And good thing Sherry made sure her older brother was one of the auctioned off men. And good thing Angie has enough money and was able to buy him. Because he agreed to help her and be her fiancé. For seven days.

Angie is young, and wicked smart. She’s beautiful, quirky and a little klutz, and the way Harris wrote her – has the biggest heart. She is also funny.

“I mean to say I have a proposition for you. Not that I want to proposition you. Not that there’s anything wrong with you, but I just don’t – you know. I mean, you’re probably used to being propositioned. Happens all the time, right?” Then she screwed her eyes shut and stage-whispered under her breath, “Oh my God! Shut up, Angelle.”

One thing about Angie is, she can claim to the entire world she doesn’t want Cane, but she can’t lie to herself. Seven days with her family, keeping up a charade, has a way to blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

But her fake fiancé sought out Angie, and when their gazes met across the yard, the dimple in his cheek flashed in a grin.

Angelle’s heart rate escalated. I’m in a heap of trouble.

Cane’s story is that he’s a man-whore. He’s not playing the women he’s with, but he’s been around the block a time or million. After finding out about his father’s infidelity he, just like Colby did, gave up on love and relationships. Funny how things shift when the right person comes along.

Since she’d entered his truck yesterday, the game had changed. His goal had shifted. No longer was this only about getting her out of his system, though that did have to happen, the sooner the better. But now, he didn’t just want her comfortable enough to explore their explosive attraction. Cane realized he wanted to let Angelle in.

Sigh, if I could keep quoting the entire book. Alas. (but I have a couple more coming… *cackles*)

As in TtH, also in SDF we get a child made of win. Sadie is Angie’s niece and she’s hilarious and plays a special part, small as it is, in the plot. But I can’t ignore the return of Emma, who is now officially a teenager.

“Personally, I think it’s awesome. Angelle rocks. She’s so much better than those hoochies you normally date.”


In the midst of all the fluff, swoon, and general awesomeness of the story, there’s an actual growth to the characters’ arc. Both Angie and Cane mature, each in their own way, and by the time we hit, oh… say, 75% – they’re ripe for each other. From that point on it’s just a matter of them both realizing that.

With all this hotness, I keep forgetting there’s not one sex scene in this steamy adult novel. Rachel Harris is officially crowned the queen of fade to black. And no, you won’t even miss it. That’s the brilliance in writing. A good author can write around it and it’ll be even more satisfying.

Do yourselves a favor. Get both books. There’s so much drama and angst and a severe lack of perfections like Cane (and Jason) in real life, we all need some o’ dat! For a rainy day. And they’re coming… just imagine – in front of the fire, under a snuggie with a cup of Irish cream coffee… and Cane!

Cane’s kisses were phenomenal. Better than chocolate, horses, and Channing Tatum rolled into one.

You can’t go wrong with this combination.

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