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Trust in Me - J. Lynn

If you’ve read Wait for Me, and hopefully you have, before dreaming of picking up this title, you’re already hopelessly in love with Cam. And his tortoise Rafael. And his mad cookies baking skills.

Also, you already know Avery’s story, so nothing in this book is a surprise for the reader. And if you haven't read Avery's story - stop reading this and get Wait for You!

As opposed to before with Wait for You, this published copy had no editing issues that interfered with reading, so I’m going to pour out my impression.

I loved Wait for Me as a novel. And getting a novella (are we sure it’s not a novel at 237 pages?) from Cam’s point of view is fantastic. That boy, besides his good looks, is utter adorableness.

Cam’s thought process from the minute Avery crashed into him outside Astronomy is fascinating. It’s almost like you take the average player/good looking college student and hit him on the head with a club. He turns on the swoons and no reader of the female variety is left unaffected. I think I’d like to think (wishful thinking probably) that all boys turn like that when they meet a girl they like.

Not wanting to repeat my Wait for You review, I’m cutting off here.

I love JLA’s words. Always have and I can’t see it changing anytime soon. I do wish there was also a small surprise somewhere in the story, just so it would feel new, but there wasn’t.

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

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