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Definitely, Maybe in Love - Ophelia London

I’m on a NA kick so when I got an opportunity to read a new New Adult novel….


I love PaP, okay? I read the novel a couple of times, but I’m hooked on the BBC mini series with Colin Firth and I even enjoy watching the movie from 2005. MacFadyen as Darcy? *grabby hands*


This novel, as written in the synopsis, is a variation of PaP. The characters hold different familial and social circumstances, but the general storyline is quite the same. For this reason I wasn’t the least bit surprised at the various turn of events.


I was quite taken with Henry Knightly, I must say. It was pretty obvious he’s not the hoity toity upperclass snob he seems at the beginning. His character didn’t quite evolve with the story, but more revealed bit by bit. And that complemented Spring’s character’s not quite transformation, but more evolving.


Spring (love that name, btw – fits the character to a T) is obsessed with sustainability and everything related. She even turned vegetarian as a statement to her current beliefs. She’s also in a bit of a jam with her thesis and needs a counter opinion to make a stronger case. Which forces her to ask Henry for help.


Spring’s character really grows with this story. She matures somehow and becomes more mellow with her opinions and ability to accept the positives in opposing stands. Also, falling in love (while ignoring the presence of those particular feelings) isn’t hurting that process.


Spring’s best friends and roommates pretty much carried the story forward, being the ones to actually take action in different situations. I almost felt that at times things happened with Spring and Henry just because they were forced into things by their friends.


While I enjoyed reading the book, the writing is beautiful and the story flows, I felt like the characters belong in high-school, not 3rd year in college or even graduate school. They were mostly, at least for the better of the first half of the book, rather immature. It’s almost as if the story shouldn’t be classified as NA, but YA/Juvenile Adult.

I think anyone who enjoyed Pride and Prejudice will enjoy reading this book. It’s light and fun and well written.


My rating: 3star


I’d like to thank Entangled Publishing for the advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.






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