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Beautiful, Steamy, Swoon and Dr. Handsome!

Yours to Keep - Serena Bell

I’m developing a serious crush on Loveswept. They’ve hit the jackpot working with some awesome romance novelists. One of them is Serena Bell. I’ve read her Strangers On The Train novella, Ticket Home, and loved it, so naturally I’ve been waiting for her debut novel. And here it is: Yours To Keep. The book will be available November 11th, 2013.


I’m going to try not to quote from this story but if I do, note that anything and everything is subject to changes before the final version is published. Between you and me, I see no need to change words at all. And I did mark a few lines to include in this review. Unf, so steamy and swoony.


Ana and her siblings are illegal Dominicans in the US. They’re living is a perpetuate “look behind your shoulder” state and are limited in their career and lifestyle choices. Because of that they are very poor.


When Ana is sexually harassed by a school administrator when she’s trying to get more students to tutor, she is saved by Dr. Ethan Hansen, a father of a student in need of a Spanish tutor. Ana, having been burned before by a romance with a white man, is holding back, trying to control her feelings. She is also hiding the fact she is illegal.


I was hooked pretty much from the first page turn. Both MCs have real struggles to deal with, although in different aspects of life. Both are so very lonely in their own bubble, and both have people who love them and will go to extremes to protect them.


There are two minor subplots, one involving Ethan’s son, Theo and the other one of his patients, and I loved how both tied into his blooming relationship with Ana, each in its own way.


This. Book. Is. Swoon. By definition I mean. It has a real life predicament (I’ve been in a similar, though not remotely dire situation, and was not in any way illegal, a story for another time) which was handled in a responsible, somewhat difficult way, but as expected from romances – the resolution was perfect.


The only thing that I wouldn’t minded to see different is that we had a rich hero and a poor heroine, but I doubt it would’ve worked as well the other way around.


Yours To Keep is sweet, drama filled, at times – a nail biter, has a bit of angst and is more often than not – filled with swoons galore, story. It is well written, steamy hot and a make-you-tear-up-and-smile book.


Go and preorder.


Thank you, Loveswept and NetGalley for this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

My rating: 4star








Ps – I managed to review without quotes! *pats self on the shoulder*