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CHAOS (Kardia Chronicles, #1) - Christine O'Neil

Greek mythology seems to be the new vampire. And you know what? I’m fine with it. It’s interesting, it’s around us and it’s romantic (not necessarily “swoon” romantic.)

Maggie Raynard lived a normal life with her parents and grandmother for 16 years. When she was a girl her father died. When she turned 16, her bloodline of semi-gods descendants of Aphrodite started manifesting her hidden powers. Most dangerous of them is: her hands can kill you if she’s angry, stressed or any other type of negative emotion. Literally suck the life out of you. Not good!

Her mother and grandmother had their powers bound and never regretted it. Though what resulted is Maggie knowing nothing about that part of her. Her mother is now telling her only what she must know, and that she have to suppress her urges until they’re completely developed so they can then bind them, too.

And then she zaps her ex-boyfriend and renders him in a coma. Very bad!

When Mac Finnegan shows up one day at school, hailing from Scotland, she’s both smitten and annoyed. He seems to be doing his best to piss her off, and pissing her off will not end well for him. Or will it?

“Wha-What are you doing?”

“Helping you like you asked, you pain in the arse. Now close your eyes. And it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you did the same with your mouth.”

"Once we get there," he continued, "they'll put you though a series of tests. When you fail, they'll make sure this gets taken care of."

A supervising council decided she’s too dangerous and her powers must be stripped, but along with them, all her memories of her father will be stripped as well. She won’t know herself anymore. But what happens when she’s deemed responsible for murder?

I love Maggie. She’s fun, smart, kind of a loner and she’s really doing her best to control her life. Her character seems to be developing with her powers and so does her sense of responsibility. With each newfound aspect of herself, another layer of the story is revealed.

And Mac. I laughed so hard at some of his antics. This boy is smart and knows exactly which buttons to push with Maggie. As expected, he’s there for a reason, and we can guess what that reason is, but then his purpose seems to shift and that’s when the story truly begins. He is swoony, sexy and adorable.

“What’s your favorite movie?” Mac asked softly.

The question was so unexpected… so um-Mac-like, I had to ask him to repeat it. I flopped onto my side to face him and stuffed my arm under my head for support.

“You can’t laugh if I tell you.”

He half smiled but didn’t open his eyes. “Nope. No promises there.”

“Dirty Dancing.“

“That’s tat old movie where they’re not allowed to put babies in the corner, right?”

I snorted and he full-on smiled.

Adorbs, yes?

The book has wonderfully fun and potentially smexy banter between Maggie and Mac, and I often found myself laughing out loud (my sister had to stop by my room to check what I was up to).

I can’t forget Libby and Bink, Maggie’s best friends. Those two make the high-school atmosphere in the book. They’re fun and Libby especially, has the role of a best friend down pat. Between excitement over school dances, boy gossip and “playing” dressup – she’s helping set the teen vibe in the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I think this series has great potential. A little more rigorous editing/proofreading job would eliminate some minor, yet annoying errors.

The world of semi-gods O’Neil created around her version of mythology interpretation is fascinating and I’m really looking forward to the next book in this series and hope it’s not too far behind.

I'd like to thank Sarah Nicolas at Entangled Press for a copy of this book.