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Unchained - J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout

I can always count on J. Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout’s adult pen-name) and her words to make my reading enjoyable.

Since she’s a writing machine I almost missed this title. Publishing a book every couple of months is insane, but I’m thankful that JLA is up to it.

First, this cover. It’s very Entangled-y. I like their covers. And this one has this badass vibe you’d expect when reading about the heroine of this novel, Lily.

Now, there are MANY details and characters in this world. I’m not going to cover them all and this review will be kind of vague. I only got who’s whom and why about half way through reading. But damn, it’s worth it.

Lily is a hunter. She’s Nephilim. She’s part angel and part human. Her targets are fallen angels (self explanatory), minions (corrupt rogue Nephilim) and deadheads (humans who’ve had their souls sucked out of them by fallen angels.)

Lily and her fellow hunters live in a sanctuary, let by Nathaniel, Lily’s father figure. Several more of the important characters there are Luke, her best friend and big brother figure, Remy, Rafe and Gabe.

During one of her night patrols she comes to the rescue of a cop, Michael, who watches her dispose of a deadhead and stunned, trying to arrest her. When she attempts to disable Michael, she feels he is one of her own kind. Hence begins his immersion in the Nephilim world.

Naturally, this being an adult fantasy novel, there’s romance. And the romance is… tantalizing. Julian is a fallen angel. We don’t know why he fell. Lily doesn’t either, but assumes the reason is the same for them all, what she grew up learning. Being a Fallen, Julian is her enemy. Fallen either corrupt Nephilim and turning them into Minions or kill them. They are the #1 reason why Nephilim exist to begin with. However, Julian has never made an attempt to hurt Lily, quite the opposite. He’s shadowing her, protecting her and saved her life from grave injuries years before.

Julian is also madly in love with Lily. And the way he talks to her, seduces her and treats her is nothing short of making you melt. He’s gorgeous (all angels and Nephilim are on the good looking side of things) and he wants Lily. But Lily can’t be with him, defying all she believes in, all she’s been taught.

“What happened eight year ago?”

He chuckled as his hands settled on her shoulders. “You,” he said as he brought his hands down to her elbows in one smooth caress. “You happened.”


He kissed her so deeply that she thought her soul would burst into flames. He laid claim to her soul, just as he had already done to her heart.

Taking all of that into consideration, there’s a subplot of a disaster coming. There’s a mole in the sanctuary, leaking names of new Nephilim. And having their numbers so low to begin with, they’re dropping like flies. Contrary to what you’d think – not everyone is a suspect!

This is a first book in a series, and as such (and as I expected it to be) is the one where JLA lays down the rules, introduces the various characters and creates the world in. It feels a bit choppy at times, has an insane amount of details and characters, and there’s much happening in it. But it makes you believe in Lily and how strong she is. And it makes you fall in love with Julian. And it made me want the next book in the series.

Knowing Armentrout is writing a million books a year, I just hope it comes out soon.

Give this series a chance, I think you’ll like it.