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Boys Next Door - Sommer Marsden I have to admit; when I picked up this book I only read the first couple of sentences from the excerpt. And now I'm glad I didn't read the whole thing.I obviously had NO idea what I was reading, which made the whole thing more surprising and fun.Farrell, a 18 year old failed actress moves to a home her father bought her in a small town in MD. Right across the streed are 3 houses. One boy (man) in each house. And they are all yummy in their own way. And she wants them all, the slut (not really). And has them all. Until she has to pick one.Or will she? LOLThis was funny, pervy, smutty, daring and generally very well written.I'm looking forward to reading more from Sommer Marsden.The only comment I'd have is for the editor - Why mix the occasional British spelling or British word in a 99.9% American novel? It made me stop and reread some sentences. Useless distraction.