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Beyond 10 Nights (Forbidden Desires, #2) - Michelle Hughes,  Karl Jones In all honesty, this deserves maybe one star, but the writing is pretty good, so I'm giving it two.Picking up right after the proposal, Rhett and Leah wake up all lovey dovey. Leah has to deal with Janie’s reaction to her new status. I almost flounced this book when again, as per the insane and illogical BDSM formula, Rhett’s anger issues, abandonment issues and closed personality towards his relationships with women is explained by a rough childhood. I mean... really? Can’t a Dom be a Dom without a trauma to explain his preference in the bedroom? That’s quarter way into the book.So I continued reading. And just couldn’t get beyond 32% in. Suddenly the entire mood shifted to these two star crossed lovers who are caught in a misunderstanding and are forced (or forcing themselves?!?!?) apart. So... no. That’s the point where I just gave up.Might have been better to just stop after the first book, with the out of place, totally surprising and weird proposal. Sigh.