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Exposed - Kyra Davis Whoa! Talk about improvement from the first installment. In the first book, The Stranger, Kasie is an emotional slave to her fiancé and a sexual slave (although completely willingly!!) to Rober Dade, her "one night" affair from Vegas. She was exposed by her fiancé, Dave, and taken through the walk of shame back to his place.We're picking pretty much right after that (the book actually opens with a fantasy) where Kasie allows herself to be treated like a whore, humiliated by anger and hurt - not the kind that would be obvious - experienced by Dave.Dave, on his part is playing the perfectly justifiable betrayed fiancé. Giving her cold and angry stares and being emotionally vindictive. But Kasie, not long after being exposed, sees right through his plan and figures him out. She decides to untangle herself from the mess of her affair, and carefully executes her plan. What she doesn't anticipate is Rober Dade, her lover. She is running from unwanted emotional abuse, to wanted emotional abuse masked by sexual desires. Yes, she falls in love with Dade,but what will that cost her? I'm a little disappointed by the fact that this is yet another trilogy. It seems that these days everyone is writing a story spread through 3 books. why? I agree this might be too long and tangled for one book, but instead of 3 short novels, I would go with 2 full length ones.Still... I need to see how this ends. Will be waiting for book 3.