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Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux I need to process. We'll see how I rate this when I'm caught up on myself.Ok, it's been a few days since I finished this one and I've had time to stew with it.I liked it. A lot. The angst level wasn't as bad as I thought, and although I felt a little indignant at Zane's reaction to Ty's confession, I thought it's somewhat justified and he needs time to cool off. I loooooved their interactions throughout the book, loved the way team Sidewinder was incorporated into the story, loved the fact that "one of their own" was questionable (and hated his guts, btw). Kelly totally captured my heart, and I can't wait to read more about him in Abi's future books. I even thought Owen redeemed himself in a small way. I'm not cool with him by any means, but I don't hate his guts for his bigotry anymore.What bugged me is the pace of the story. I found it beyond easy to just stop reading every chapter or two. As opposed to the first 6 books, not to mention compared to Stars & Stripes (which I devoured and wanted more of), I had a hard time immersing myself in this one. I did got hooked at about the 65% point. When things got rough, the story totally picked up.I'm probably going to read it again at some point in the near future, and hopefully I'll feel more connected to it. I won't miss Liam Bell, even though I'm pretty sure we've not heard the last of him.Congratulations to Abi for Stars & Stripes winning the Dabwaha. Very much deserving.