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Lord Rakehell's Love (The Curse of True Love, #1) - Donna Cummings Few of us don't like historical romances. This novella is one of those. It's short, light, fun and funny. I think we never really think in terms of early 19th century lingo. But reading dated sass is such a refreshing experience.The Greeks have done it again. And by Greeks I mean Aphrodite. She means well, she really does. She is, after all, the goddess of Love and Beauty, no? LOLSimon is a rake. Together with his friend, Hugh (next novella *weeee*) he's supposedly a naughty lord who's the subject of many innocent bachelorettes. He is introduced to Georgiana by a grumpy old dowegar in a ball when he is mistaken for Hugh. They are both instantly smitten and weeks later, when their nuptials are to take place... someone's scoundrel-ish ways make their mark.Now it's Aphrodite's job to fix things. Quick and delightful read.