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A Weaver Beginning - Allison Leigh I’m pretty certain this is the first Allison Leigh book I’ve read, although you shouldn’t take me up on my word here. There are probably dozens of stories I’ve read and I can’t tell you what their title/author’s name is even with a gun to my head.Ms. Leigh’s writing is lovely. It’s light, and flowing, and has a way to word out feelings in a very real way.I really liked Abby. She’s young, inexperienced in more ways than one and is very sweet. She’s independent and while very “green” in some aspects of life she definitely knows what she wants and needs and how to get it. She’s not a pushover and having her particular familial past – she’s also insanely mature.Now Sloan on the other hand (her neighbor, btw) is tough, broody, rather annoying (to be quite honest) and somewhat damaged by his previous assignment in active duty. Although in my opinion his “damage” wasn’t as profound as he made it to be in his head.I enjoyed the gradual development of their romance and how in spite of him trying to hold back and not make their relationship emotional, knowing he’s going to leave, he didn’t ignore the fact that it did. I loved how Abby pushed him and wasn’t intimidated by his supposed tough-guy attitude. And I absolutely LOVED how Sloan was with Dillon.I felt like the story didn’t have that unique something that makes it memorable. I’m pretty sure that in a few weeks I won’t even remember the characters’ names. This was a Hallmark story through and through.I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for the feel-good story, no out-of-the-blue surprises and HEA.NetGalley were kind enough to include this title in their newsletter, and I thank them, as well as Harlequin for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.