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Love and Relativity - Rachael Wade At first reading the summary, I couldn't figure out how this ties to Preservation. Not the point of the review, but it does tie to it, and quite nicely.Emma Pierce lost her sister in a tragic car accident. Jackson Taylor helped her that night. He has also been in love with her for a while, filling his days and nights with a different girl every time. Emma has had a joint dream with her sister, to leave Florida and explore the world, spread her wings, live her dream. Jackson has always felt less than worthy for more than a life on the island, of more than being a man following his father's footsteps.They both have good friends. And when Carter arrives on the island (that's the tie to Preservation), things start to shape up and at the same time, fall apart.I love Rachael Wade's writing. It's flowing, it's real, it's thought and planned. The story unfolds slowly but surely, as do the character's backgrounds.Another amazing thing is Wade's talent of creating such amazing supporting characters. It was the same with Preservation when she had Carter and Dean and it's the same here with Carter and Whitney.Also, this should be more than 4 stars. I wish goodreads allowed for halves.